Amazing Facts Television

AFTV is a multifaceted, soul-winning ministry committed to proclaiming the gospel and the three angelsí messages of Revelation 14. We believe in the imminent return of Jesus Christ and in doing our part to lift Him up to the entire world. We invite you to become involved in the following successful ministries... Watch AFTV at Amazing Facts TV.

Amazing Facts TV programs broadcast on cable and satellite networks all around the world, including ABC Family, Lifetime Network, The Church Channel, The Word Network, National Religious Broadcasters network, SAFE TV, 3ABN and the HOPE channel and Lifestyle TV in Scandinavia. We reach more than a billion households worldwide.
   Amazing Facts TV
     Secrets Unsealed Ministries Television
   Secrets Unsealed Ministries TV

SUMTV provides Christ centered programs such as Bible prophecy, end-time events, Bible interpretation, health and much more. Watch SUMTV at Secrets Unsealed.

Trusting God In Troublous Times... This is a time of great anxiety for the world and many in the Church. Peopleís hearts are failing them for fear as they see the things that are coming upon the earth. As members of the Remnant Church, we have the Present Truth message that can bring assurance and hope to the faint hearted in these turbulent times. Secrets Unsealed is committed to reaching as many as possible through SUMTV and Social Media.
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