Lineage Journey Presents: Constantine The Great | Episode 1-48 |  Season 1
We begin our journey with an event that changed the Christian landscape immeasurably, the conversion of Constantine. This event would lead to the persecution of Gods faithful believers from within the church and the beginning of a clear distinction between the two branches of Christianity that would emerge.

To find out more information read our extended article on Constatine on our website.

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As the Mayflower landed in Plymouth, no one could have imagined the impact this seemingly small event would have on world history. America would rise out of obscurity, slowly at first, and go on to impact the world socially, economically and religiously in a profound way. Join us as we continue this journey tracing our lineage.

To find out more about the Mayflower & the Birth of America visit our website to read our extended article.

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    Lineage Journey Presents: The Mayflower & The Birth of America | Episode 1-24 | Season 2
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    Lineage Journey |  Season 1 | Episode 1-48
    Lineage Journey |  Season 2 | Episode 1-24
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